Wednesday, June 6, 2018

7.01: How Neighborly of You

Hello hello!

How are you all today? Doin' well?

Last time there was a lotta little baby Brodie, saying goodbye to Demi, and the conception of a younger sibling for Brodie.

This time there'll be a new baby and maybe possibly a move? I was not kidding last time when I said I was getting sick of this house.

Let's just jump right in now, yeah?

Oh, yeah! I learned and wrote down Christina's lover's name! It's Stephen Lord!

Baby bump!

Also on her way to potty train Brodie. :P

Playing Density Effect.



1. Baby time!

2. She is huge, holy crap. O_O

My game's being a little iffy, so I sent her to the hospital alone.

Welcome to the family, Kolton!

Brodie went from grinning to pouting so quick. He is not happy about getting a baby brother.

Hey, hey. Look. :P

Thought I got the sparkle-twirl pic at least . . . Oh well.

Brodie rolled Evil and he aims to be a Whiz Kid.

He's fricking adorable, y'all.

Playing chess together.

Annd Christina looks up some real estate postings.

Full disclosure, here; I totally went into manage worlds, found an apartment with three rooms and evicted the family that was living there.

The apartment in question, in the arts quarter.

This is Haven, a girl Brodie met on his first day!

She's a cutie.

The Welcome Wagon came by. This neighbor decided to try to be helpful and spammed actions to take care of Kolton.

Then this neighbor decided their kitchen would be a good final resting place.


Hey, look who aged up!

Kolton's a Wild lil shit.

Look how cute he is!

And this is Korey, Noah's son. He's a cute one, too.

I think that's it for this post! My computer is possibly due for a restart for my game to run better, and maybe-possibly some cc deletion . . .

I'm looking forward to playing a household in an apartment again.

Next time: About three birthdays, possibly another baby? I dunno, we'll find out. For now . . .

I will see you all later!

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